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Since you are the breeder of Fabian I wanted to keep you informed on how his “kids” are doing. My dog, Sabre, passed his test and is now certified in Land Cadaver! He worked beautifully, I was so proud of him. This dog just loves to work. The test is 3 parts, one acre field test with 1 or 2 scent sources buried minimum 1 foot deep. Vehicle search with 1 to 3 scent sources (he had 8 cement trucks to search with high gusty winds) and a building search with 1 to 3 sources. All areas contain distractions of food, dead animals, human clothing, etc. A false indication is an immediate failure. I think he could have done 6 areas if he had to, he just never quits.

Now that the Land certification is out of the way, our next goal is Disaster Recovery for NJTF1. I just need to teach him Directions (Doggy Baseball) one of the elements for the test. He needs some polishing with the ladder and figure 8’s with other dogs. All training stuff. He is a natural on the rubble which is where most dogs wash out. He has been doing advanced problems on the rubble (day or night) for awhile now.

I have never had a dog with bomb proof nerves, that was this smart, and has such a great work ethic. He is continually pushing me to work and he was like that as a puppy! I can’t thank you enough for breeding his Dad, I love this dog!!!!

Mittelwest German Shepherds At Search-Rescue & Cadaver Recovery 1


I wanted to let you know that Bones (Voyager Vom mittelwest) is spectacular. I have attached a couple of pictures taken at six months. Bones has a wonderful temperament and is easy to train. He housebroke easily and his obedience is coming along nicely. He is afraid of nothing-very steady. Bones comes to my office most days and loves all of the people including kids. He is great with other dogs, cats and loves the horses.

We will be starting narcotics work with Bones this week and begin cadaver search work after the drug work is complete. I LOVE THIS DOG! He is absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for your dedication to the German Shepherd Dog and your continued help and advice.

Gail Marit

Mittelwest German Shepherds At Search-Rescue & Cadaver Recovery 2
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