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Wonder Lake Schutzhund Club – Schutzhund Training At Its finest!

Wonderlake Schutzhund is 65 miles Northwest of Chicago, approximately 20 minutes from the Wisconsin border.  Our World Class Kennels are located on 40 acres which are surrounded by an additional 120 acres.  It is a secluded piece of heaven, 3 blocks down a scenic private drive which is lined with giant White Pine trees.

Wonder Lake Schutzhund Club In Illinois Mittelwest

We have a fully stocked pond that is fed by 12 natural springs on the property, where our shepherds love to go swimming. The property is surrounded by ancient Oaks, Willows, and Pine trees. We also enjoy a 7 acre giant Oak Tree Forest on the property where more than 50 trees have flourished for over 100 years.

Our kennels are a beautiful, state of the art facility with natural light skylights and ceiling fans that allow the dogs to spend time indoors and outdoors as they please. Each kennel offers a spacious 10×15 foot heated and air conditioned interior suite connected to a large 15×30 foot exterior run.

With the abundance of wildlife and fresh air on this gorgeous land, the dogs at Wonder Lake Shutzhund Club ALL enjoy feeling like the luckiest dogs in the world!

WSC welcomes visitors anytime, please feel free to call and set up a time to visit!

Wonder Lake Schutzhund Club
8310 Howe Rd.
Wonder Lake, Illinois 60097

Call Julie Martinez At (815) 653-1900

Wonder Lake Schutzhund Club – Training Days
Saturdays:  Starting at 12:00 pm

A Day At Training With Seth, Santo & Bear

A Day At Training With Carmin, Coby, Usher, Unique & Idol

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are interested in tracking your dog(s), you are welcome to come earlier and use the endless acres of prime tracking areas available. If you would like assistance with learning tracking, or need assistance with your tracking training, please Contact Julie Martinez and she will be happy to set up a training session with you.

On Saturdays, we begin training in the morning, usually around 10:30am and we continue training throughout the afternoon, often times into the early evening as well, depending on the amount of dogs and training to be done. You are welcome to come and train and stay all day if you like, or if you need to come and work your dog(s) and leave right away, that is also fine. We typically have BBQ pits fired up and food that our members and friends bring to our facilities to enjoy, as well as soft drinks and beverages available as well. You are welcome to train and go or to come and spend as much of the day as you and your family’s schedule allows. The more you see, the more you learn. The more questions you ask, the more you learn. Watching others working is an excellent way to learn more.


With an abundance of training fields and endless tracking areas, a completely private, fenced property surrounded by the beauty of nature and wildlife, it is an absolute slice of heaven for our training grounds.

  • When you reach the entrance gate at the end of the driveway, continue on the driveway (SLOWLY PLEASE) and follow the driveway to the left toward the kennels. You will find a large area for parking under the Oak Trees.
  • Please be courteous and always pick up after your dog/s.
  • Smoking is allowed on the property, although please be courteous to others around you and always be sure not to leave any cigarette butts behind!

Club Training At Mittelwest’s Wonder Lake Schutzhund Club

We hold Schutzhund Training Club on most Saturdays here at Mittelwest for all working breed dogs of all ages. Your dog is never too young or too old to participate! Puppies are especially and highly encouraged to attend for socialization, and confidence building. Puppy owners have access to a number of Mittelwest trainers and members to whom they can ask questions, get advice, and learn some valuable tips from throughout the course of the day. There are always plenty of other puppies for young puppies to socialize and play with as well as young children to play with your puppy to aid in continuing to build your puppy’s social skills.

During the warmer months, puppies and dogs are welcome to swim at the Mittelwest Dog Beach, where swimming vests are provided for both puppies and adult dogs. There is a dock for dock diving and the large, sandy beach is a wonderful place to swim for fun and/or exercising your shepherd. Puppies are encouraged to take their turn at the “puppy geared”, Schutzhund puppy bite work as well. You are welcome to stay as long as you like on Saturday training days, dependent on your own schedule. Some people come for an hour, others stay all day.

Training costs are a flat fee and are paid when you arrive, you only pay on the days you actually come to participate in the training.

Kid’s Training At Mittelwest – Bring Your Kids!

Kids Are Always Welcome & Highly Encouraged To Join For Training Days At Mittelwest


At Mittelwest, we are HIGHLY involved in teaching children and helping them build confidence in working with the dogs at every level and in all aspects of whelping & helping with newborn puppies, training and caring of puppies, working dogs for fun all the way to competition level.

We encourage families and children to get involved as much as they want or as time allows in taking part of everything we offer here at Mittelwest. Dog training and dog activities are a great way for families to bond and spend time together doing something that everyone enjoys.

Please, whenever possible, we highly encourage you to bring your kids along when you visit us here at Mittelwest!

We Look Forward To Seeing You At At Our Training Facilities!