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German Shepherd Titles & Abbreviations Explained

Working Titles
AD (Ausdauerpruefung) Endurance Test, Approximately 12 Mile Run with Obedience Test At the End
BH (Begleithund) Companion Dog, Temperament and Obedience Examination
Sch/VPG (Schutzhund) Includes 3 Levels (SchH1/VPG1, SchH2/VPG2, SchH3/VPG3) of Disciplines in Obedience, Protection, and Tracking
IPO (International Prüfung) Includes 3 Levels (IPO1, IPO2, IPO3) comparable to Sch/VPG Titles using International Rules
ZVV (Czech Republic) ZVV1, 2 3 comparable to SchH/VPG 1, 2 3
Scores for Sch/VPG/IPO V (Vorzüglich) / Excellent – Earned 286-300 points
SG (Sehr gut) / Very Good – Earned 270-285 points
G (Gut) / Good – Earned 240-269 points
B (Befriedigend) / Satisfactory- Earned 220-239 points
M (Mangelhaft) / Insufficient – Earned 0-219 points
FH1 (Fahrtenhund) Advanced Tracking Title
FH2 (Fahrtenhund) Superior Tracking Title
PH (Polizei Hund) Police Dog
HGH (Herdengebrauchshund) Herding Dog Title
BIH (Blindehund) Guide Dog for the Blind
ZH (Zollhund) Customs Dog
DH (Diensthund) Service Dog
Show Ratings
SIEGER 1st Place Champion Male of National Show
SIEGERIN 1st Place Champion Female of the National Show
VA (Vorzuglich Aulese) Excellent Select Show or Performance Rating, Awarded at Seiger Show, Highest attainable Award
V (Vorzuglich) Excellent Show
SG (Sehr Gut) Very Good Show
G (Gut) Good Show
A (Ausreichend) Sufficient Show
M (Mangelhaft) Faulty Show
U (Ungenügend) Insufficient
KOERKLASSE (KKL1) Breed Survey Examination, Recommended for Breeding, the best breed survey classification given
(KKL2) Breed Survey Examination, Suitable for Breeding
HIP RATINGS (“a normal”)(A1) Normal – OFA Excellent to OFA Good
(“a fast normal”)(A2) Nearly Normal – OFA Good to OFA Fair
Show/Trial Classifications
BSZS BundesSiegerZuchtSchau – National Breed Show
BSP BundesSiegerPrüfung – National Working Trial
LGA Regional Show Or Working Trial
BLH BundesLeistungsHüten – National Herding Trial
WUSV The World Union for the German Shepherd Dog – World Level Working Trial