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The Brave Work Of Mittelwest’s Narcotics Detection K-9 Dogs

Ultser County Sheriff Tom Lattin & His K9 Trusted Partner “Beal Vom Haus Mansfield”

Officer Beal Graduated this day from the Narcotics Academy and is a certified Advanced Narcotics Detection K9!
Beal is the Son of V Gipsi Vom Sawtooth SchH2 KKL1 & V Flint Vom Mittelwest SchH3 IPO3 FH KKL1 lbz.

Mittelwest German Shepherds Narcotics Detection K-9 Dogs 1
Mittelwest German Shepherds Narcotics Detection K-9 Dogs 2

The importance and benefit of police work dogs can best be illustrated by the growth of the unit. The Sheriff’s Office Criminal Division K9 Teams now number five dogs and handlers.

The Teams Include:

  • Sgt. Wallace Fulford & K9 Drago, certified in advanced narcotics detection and patrol.
  • Deputy George Carlson & K9 Griff, certified in patrol, narcotics detection, and cadaver detection. Deputy Carlson is also a certified K9 trainer for patrol and narcotics.
  • Deputy Tom Lattin & K9 Beal. Deputy Lattin is a certified K9 trainer for patrol and narcotics.
  • Deputy James Slinsky & K9 Kilo. Certified in patrol, including tracking, area search, building searches, crowd control and criminal apprehension.
  • Deputy Chad Storey & K9 Blex, certified in patrol, tracking and explosive scent detection.

Reliability in job performance is of paramount importance when it comes to K9’s and their duties. Their ongoing proficiency training ensures each dog will act and perform according to expectations and standards. Working towards that goal, all handlers and their dogs exceed the number of hours of monthly maintenance training specified by New York State.

After working a seven-hour shift, both K9 and handler remain available for emergency call out service if required. Each handler is assigned a special purpose utility vehicle equipped for the services they provide. A kennel to carry their K9 is fitted in place of the rear seat along with a myriad of equipment, right down to food and water for the K9 is carried in the cargo area.

Although patrol work, narcotics detection, explosives detection and maintenance training consume a major portion of the unit’s time, all team members frequently perform many other assignments, including demonstrations for children’s groups, school events and community organizations. They are often called upon by other agencies to assist with law enforcement related duties. They have engaged in searches for narcotic contraband within Federal and County Correctional institutions as well as a number of public schools.

In 2008, K9 Regan, was retired by his handler Deputy Tom Lattin. Regan’s career as a working police dog spanned nine years and was well known to the public through the unit’s countless appearances and demonstrations in the community.

Mittelwest German Shepherds Narcotics Detection K-9 Dogs 3
Mittelwest German Shepherds Narcotics Detection K-9 Dogs 4

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