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Testimonials From Our Cherrished Family Of Mittelwest Clients

Thanks again to all of our amazing clients for sharing all of these wonderful stories with your beloved mittelwest German Shepherds, we are grateful for each every one!



Thanks so much for your wonderful comments on Kalen. It really makes me feel good — makes me feel “FANTASTIC” !!!

He is such a pleasure & a joy to have. Everywhere I take him everyone turns & stares & points. Cars have actually stopped & when he’s in the car with me people just smile & stare at him. He sits in the front seat & just looks around as though he’s a person ( he is to me). And of course, if it wasn’t for you & all your e-mails to me in searching for the kind of shepherd I wanted & “all” the info you gave me as well as answering all my questions, I would never have him.

Again, thanks so much.

He is my heart & soul & the joy of my life & my very best friend.


Client Testimonials Of Mittelwest German Shepherds Gary & Kalen


My Asso is the most perfect dog in the world. He is unbelievable in every way. From how handsome he is, how silly and fun he can be just being a puppy, to how much joy he brings into my life. From the first day we brought him home he’s been fearless, inquisitive, loving and intelligent. He fits into our life perfectly, whether traveling, driving around town running errands, going for walks, or just hanging around our home.

My husband takes his GSD Schutzhund training each week and I take Asso along. Although he is still too young to do much, he loves to watch. He gets to run and play as well as chase the rag. Everyone there (trainers and breeders) always comment on what a great looking puppy he is. When Asso was 4 months old, a GSD breeder and friend told me I should take him to the US Sieger show this year.

He had no ring experience so I took him to a UKC Multi Dog Show. I wanted him to have fun and get experience in the ring doing Confirmation. It was a weekend show and Asso was scheduled to be in the ring twice both days. He did so well he ended up in the ring at least ten times with much older dogs then him. He was so much younger than the other dogs and the show was packed. To my surprise, despite him being the most wonderful and amazing dog that he is, Asso took three first place of males, three first place between best male and female and rosette first place for Best of Winners.

Regardless of how well he did, it was a perfect weekend just having fun and seeing how well behaved he was, both at the show and in the hotel. Everything I do with him makes me so happy. I plan on him going through Schutzhund training but the most important thing to me is just how awesome and perfect he is in every way. He jumps on our bed each night and when I say it’s time for sleepy-nigh-night, he gets down and puts himself to bed in his crate.

Every night I smile as I fall asleep.

Thank you for bringing something so special into my life.

Camille aka Asso’s Mommy



Pinch me…I must be dreaming.

This puppy is incredible Julie. He’s not like anything I’ve ever seen. Housebroken already without an accident. We use the crate a little, but the door is never even shut – it’s more for just a place for him to get away from it all for awhile.

He’s fearless in all the social settings I’ve had him in… sociable, stable, no issues with any surfaces or new things, in and out of obstacles (tubes, enclosed places, you name it).

Awesome with kids, no dog aggression but not submissive with big dogs. He lies by my bed at night, sleeps through the night, goes to work with me all day…THIS is the temperament of a “Shepherd.” 🙂 It will be a ball to show him. I am really looking forward to it. Oh, and his coat is SO plush. Job well done on the breeding.




Dear Julie,

It’s been a long time since I have written. I am attaching a picture of Yanna vom Mittelwest – call name Abby. (Born 8/2/04 from Pia-Stano)This was taken at Abby’s first swimming lesson..she loved it. Now that she is 11 months old I have started obedience with her with a retired Schutzhund trainer. Abby has shown great potential for bite work in their two sessions and has already graduated to the sleeve. I am still deciding which direction to take Abby – search and rescue, protection work, agility etc.

On a personal note. I adore this dog. She is remarkably beautiful, intelligent, and loyal. She seems to connect with me on another level. I have had dogs and animals all my life and I have never loved one as I love Abby. At some point I want to add a male to our family and will certainly be contacting you at that time.

Abby has brought me so much joy, I don’t know how to thank you enough. I hope you and your family are well.


Barbara Boyle

Client Testimonials Of Mittelwest German Shepherds Barbara Doyle


Hi Julie,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Ariel (VA Ham vd Urbecke/V Viva). She is a beautiful girl with good drive and an amazing personality. We are making good progress towards our Schutzhund titles, even with a novice handler. She is doing nicely in the conformation ring as well, with 2 Regional victories. Ariel is everything that I could want in a GSD… loyal, intelligent and beautiful.

I also want to thank you for answering all my many questions regarding showing and training. The support and knowledge you have shared with me are invaluable and have made my first ventures into the GSD World a real pleasure.

Thank you!

Kelly Grim

Client Testimonials Of Mittelwest German Shepherds Kelly Grim


We purchased Tinaki late June of this year. She was born December 21st, 2010 out off Rocco and Onja. We would just like to thank you for such a WONDERFUL addition to our family!

She far beyond exceeds any expectations we had for a dog. She is beautiful, smart, obedient, energetic, and protective. She loves to fetch her frisbee and run and play with the horses and her fellow Mittelwest shepherd Hunter at our families farm. She is currently excelling in her obedience classes at our local dog club and will be receiving her CGC (canine good citizen) certification at the end of the year. We hope to start her in agility classes next year, which we think she will love. We are constantly complimented on her beauty and great temperament.

Again, thank you for your commitment to excellence in breeding German Shepherds. We love Tinaki very much and she has a great home.

Client Testimonials Of Mittelwest German Shepherds Tinaki



I can’t tell you how much we love this dog! He is such a joy and is doing great. Maximus now weighs 81 pounds and is 16 months old. He goes everywhere with us, he is great with other dogs and children. Everyone always comments on how beautiful he is. This was our holiday photo.

Client Testimonials Of Mittelwest German Shepherds Maximus


Hello Everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to share with you some thoughts I have. Just about a year ago, my daughter Sarah Rose mentioned how much she loved animals and specifically German Shepherds. I admit, I selfishly planted that seed in her with all the pictures, stories, and memorabilia from my GSD I had as a young 20 something. With my parents and siblings telling her all the stories, her love and fascination for Shepherds grew and grew. I had to find some place for her to get a “fix” of good dogs, and good people.

Lo and behold, we found ourselves invited by Julie to come and visit one cold winter Saturday. We were welcomed with such sincerity by Julie, Grant, and ALL of you. You were so down to earth and welcoming right from the get-go. My little Sarah Rose and Julia are absolutely hooked on German Shepherds and Mittelwest because of all of YOU! You always encourage my girls in the right things in the right way, something that girls in this day and age need so desperately.

Do you realize what a wonderful impact you have all made on my kids? The interactions, instruction, and kindness you have shown them will be carried with them into their futures as a model of how to positively impact a person’s life.At Christmas, I always reflect on the many blessings I have in my life. A God who loves me, will never abandon me, and is bigger than any problems I will ever have; a great wife who takes such good care of me; three really great kids; a home that is just right (my castle!); enough bills to remind me to make good decisions; and friends. That is where you all fall. How blessed we are to have met all of you (or will be when we do!).

May you all have a fantastic Christmas and may 2012 bring you growth, prosperity, blessings you never anticipated, and encounters that you will never forget. Give your dogs an extra scratch on the rump and pat on the head from us.

Merry Christmas,

Joe and Cindy Jurewicz
Joshua, Sarah Rose, and Julia



Annie and I wish to thank you both for your help in selecting Tessa. Her first two days have been absolutely picture perfect! She sat on Annie’s lap for the entire 3 1/2 hour trip back home. She let us know around the 150 mile mark that she needed to pottie . . we pulled over got out and she peed and pooped and off we went! When we got home she took to our environment (even Cowboy Kitty Cat) as though she had been here forever!

Both nights in her crate at the foot of our bed . . not a whimper . . slept all night! NO pottie accidents in house yet!!! She follows us around everywhere we go, lays at our feet when we are sitting! Left ear is up most of the time and right ear is trying very hard. We are starting to believe that God has sent our previous dog (Xylene) back in spirit . . . just in a puppies body.

Tessa’s behavior has been amazining . . content and confident as though she has been with us for years!! I will stop my rambling . . we adore her and wanted to thank you both for your help and advice.

Best Regards,

Randy and Annie Romine
Monmouth, IL



We just wanted to send an update on our puppy, “Indy” from the Vista / Yasso litter. She is doing very well and is loved very much! Here is a photo of her keeping cool with my son. Thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog!


The Sulkowski Family

Client Testimonials Of Mittelwest German Shepherds Sulkowski Family


I wanted Julie Martinez to know that I still have my wonderful “Ultimo” Vom Mittelwest male German Shepherd (son of Nero Von De Zenteiche and Sissi Vom Mittelwest) who will be 13 years of age in two weeks! (August 14, 2012)

According to my local vet here in Sarasota, Florida, it is quite remarkable for a large German Shepherd dog to be starting his 14th year and he is convinced a lot of it has to do with the constant “interaction” and love and affection Ultimo is accustomed to receiving each day.

I’d love to hear what you think about that, Julie! Ultimo also retains his beautiful markings although he now has grey whiskers. Would love to hear from you.


Christopher Brown

Client Testimonials Of Mittelwest German Shepherds Christopher Brown

Ulla, Maverick & Olivia

Hello all,

A little over a year ago, Luann and I decided we wanted a new GSD. We had had one in the past and loved her. In fact, I never imagined we could replace her, or, even come close.

I am now sitting in my living room with three of God’s most beautiful creatures….Ulla Vom Mittelwest, Maverick Vom Mittelwest, & Olivia Vom Mittelwest. In addition to these three beautiful and brilliant dogs, we also own Anadja Vom Mittelwest, who has earned VP3 and VG5, filling us with great pride. We have also been blessed in the past year with a new group of friends and companions. We drive 4 hours every two weeks to enjoy Anadja’s training and to see our new friends. We have laughed with our new friends, cried with them, shared victory & defeat and learned a great deal from all who gather and work together.

In closing, I would like to thank all of you for your friendship, support, guidance, and camaraderie.

The past year has changed our lives, in a good way.

Ted Stephenson



Kalen & I just moved to Palm Springs, California. Here’s a few pictures I took of him at Ruth Hardy Park in Palm Springs. One of the many beautiful parks here that we enjoy. He’s doing just fine & is just as gorgeous as ever. Everyone that sees him is just amazed at how beautiful he is. I can’t tell you how many people have stopped & come up to us wanting to pet him.

They are all so amazed on his gentleness as well as his beauty. So many have said: ‘that’s the most beautiful dog I’ve ever seen’ & one gentleman said: ‘ now that’s what I call a dog’. When we go to the off leash dog park & I take him out of the car you can hear everyone in the park say ‘AWE’ as they point & stare at Kalen. It always makes me feel so good & so proud. And Kalen is such a sweet dog as he goes up to all the other dogs & kisses them right on the mouth. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, but he most definitely stands his ground when necessary. He’s strong, powerful & fearless and it shows, but he’s the most gentle & friendliest dog I’ve ever seen. Must be a sign of good breeding: alias Julie Martinez!!!

My brother & his wife back in Georgia are seriously thinking about buying a dog from you. They think Kalen is just a magnificent animal & of course I’ve always told them as well as anyone else that’s interested in a GSD about Mittelwest Kennels & to look you up. In my opinion they just won’t find a better breeder than you as well as being so honest & trustworthy.

Hope all is well with you & your family.


Client Testimonials Of Mittelwest German Shepherds Gary & Kalen 2