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Beautiful ADULT Pure Bred Male German Shepherds For Sale

(Males WITHOUT Schutzhund Titles)


Iceman vom Mittelwest Sch2 (IPO2), KKL

5 Year old male
Born 2-13-2012
Sire: V1 Yasso vom Mittelwest Sch3 (IPO3), KKL, Lbz
Dam: V1 Vista vom Mittelwest Sch3 (IPO3), KKL

Iceman is a beautiful black and red male with outstanding, powerful protection work and a kind, easy going disposition when he is not working. Iceman is a relaxed male, who loves to get and give love.
A wonderful male for working in Schutzhund, or for the ultimate family guardian/protector. A very easy male with a great personality. Excellent choice for sport, breeding, or companion/family dog.

Xano vom Haus Dexel



1 year old male
Born 6-28-2016

Hips and Elbows Xrayed
Sire: 2015 World Sieger VA1 Ballack v.d. Brucknerallee Sch3 (IPO3), KKL
Dam: V1 Nanzy vom Haus Dexel Sch3 (IPO3), KKL (VA1 Remo X VA1 Gina daughter)

Xano is a very large 1 year old male, weighing already 100 lbs, he will not be fully mature for another two years. Xano has been raised in the home and is housebroken, very good with children and other dogs. While Xano is too large for conformation competitions, he would make an outstanding family dog and guardian, excellent service dog, and with his world class pedigree, a potential future breeding male.

Zahir Blue-Iris


10 month-old male
Born 9-16-2016
Sire: Xentos von der Wilhelmswarte Sch3 (IPO3), KKL
Dam: Qyra Blue-Iris Sch1 (IPO1), KKL

Zahir is a large, black and red male with excellent red color and pigment. He boast a big, masculine head with a dark mask. Zahir has excellent anatomy and movement with his his hips and elbows already xrayed.
Zahir’s temperament could be used as an example for the breed. He is a happy, confident male, with an open, generous character. He loves people, he is great with other pets, and was raised with young children.
Zahir would make an outstanding family dog, sport dog, or future breeding male. Zahir comes to us from Germany with some light training, and can begin more advanced training with his new owner, or, if his new owner chooses, they can have Zahir enrolled in our advance obedience training here at Mittelwest before he leaves us.